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    Tales From Wonderland: The Cheshire Cat (One-Shot)



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    Tales From Wonderland: The Cheshire Cat (One-Shot)

    مُساهمة من طرف GODOF

    From Wonderland: The Cheshire Cat (One-Shot)

    CBR | June 17,
    2009 | 32 Pages | 20.7 MB
    I thought Zenescope had their series of
    one-shots entitled Tales of Wonderland complete when i posted them here
    last March 18, 2009. As stated in said post, the continuity is that this
    series serves as prequel to Zenescope's hugely popular Grimm Fairy
    Tales spin-off Return to Wonderland. It turns out Zenescope has one more
    tale to tell, Tales From Wonderland: The Cheshire Cat, released just
    yesterday, June 17, 2009. As with the others of this title, it is about
    another Lewis Carroll character, the eponymous Cheshire Cat, that
    eventually appears in the storyline of the gruesome Return to Wonerland.

    Decades ago a regular house cat was sent into the
    unnatural realm called Wonderland. Not long after did that feline grow
    to become another entity altogether as it formed a consciousness and
    self-awareness that only Wonderland could provide and found a power that
    turned an innocent kitten into a killing machine. Now the feline they
    call the Cheshire Cat is trapped back in this world and is beginning to
    develop something that never seemed possible: a conscience. After being
    taken in by a caring sorority girl, the once evil being is finally
    getting a taste of what being loved and cared for truly feels like. Can
    this cat change his stripes or will the evil inside of him ultimately be
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