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    Again it's RIHANNA with Dem Haters lyrics the 1st Place



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    Again it's RIHANNA with Dem Haters lyrics the 1st Place

    مُساهمة من طرف GODOF في الجمعة 16 أكتوبر - 21:06

    Dem Haters lyrics

    [Verse 1:]
    I'm not concerned with people
    Who prey on the wealth of their fellow man (oh yea)
    Cause they only want to know you, enroll you
    Only for the things ya had
    I just think its so sad

    Get dem haters out your circle
    Smile in your face but all they wanna do is bring ya down
    See them try to mess to hurt you
    And work you
    Anything to bring ya down

    [Verse 2:]
    They keep evil thoughts in their hearts (what you dont know)
    You can't let them knock your hustle
    Not letting them know how much you struggle
    They turn green with envy when your on top
    And dem heart is full with strife
    Their by gonna try to take your life


    Ya know they talk about ya and they tell the lies
    Dont be fooled u betta recognize
    They not there for you
    They dont care for you
    Trust me cuz i know its true
    Ya see they smile in your face and make ya think they down
    Then they turn against you when your not around
    Its just jealousy and dishonesty
    So hold on to your sanity

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