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    مُساهمة من طرف GODOF في الجمعة 5 مارس - 9:25

    Christine Kilroy:
    I just received my order of rats and mice today, and I am thrilled!!! They are the cleanest rodents I have ever seen, no urine stains, no feces and no broken limbs! I cannot express how pleased I am with not only the condition of the animals, but by the courteous service I received over the phone, and just how quickly I got my order. You guys definitely are a cut above the rest! I will be doing business with you from now on, that's for sure. I am sure all 8 of my babies will love their food!
    Again, thank you so much for the outstanding service!
    Danielle Martinez:
    I had to write about how excellent the frozen feeder rodents are from the The Mouse Factory. I have never in over three years of ordering from them received any rodent that was not in exceptional condition. The rodents are clean and healthy, and come frozen solid and vacuum packed. The customer service when I call in an order is always top-notch.
    Having a feeder animal that is healthy and well cared for is important to me; I have been disgusted and saddened because of the condition of the feeder animals from other sources. I cannot imagine the deplorable conditions that the animals were maintained in. I know that when I open my order from The Mouse Factory I will be delighted with the quality of the feeders.
    Rich's Ball Pythons:
    I['d] recently been emailing Edna through a copyright law infringed on a [web] site. I contacted The Mouse Factory and the[y] promptly were on top of it. And out of nowhere [they] had offered me some frozen rats for the deed. I couldn't be happier with the customer service and quality of the rats. I'm just glad to see a company that takes time packing their rodents as much as I do. A+++++
    Lisa H:
    The Mouse Factory is the only company I have ever orderded my mice from. I feel lucky to have found them from the get go. They are a personable, honest, family run busines with an exceptional quality product. As a somewhat new snake owner, I have never had a mouse turned down from this supplier. My snake is healthy, voracious, and growing fast. I included a picture, but he was on the move, so, it didn't come out so good. Wonderful product, great folks. I will continue and have been recommending their service to fellow reptile owners.
    Sharon Liederman:
    Edna, thanks for the really fast delivery of small rats. My snakes say they are yummy!
    Lauren & Tara - Mason Dixon Reptiles:
    Thanks so much for the rodent order. Everything arrived in perfect condition and the mice and rats are the healthiest I have ever seen. I'd bet my snakes growth rates will shoot through the roof on these! Thanks again!
    Claire Hummel:
    My shipment of 50 fuzzy rats arrived today, and I'm blown away at the quality! The rats look top notch and, unlike other sites I've dealt with, they're frozen solid without being frozen to each other. Thanks again, I can't wait to pass these on to my little boa.
    Jodi Rasmussen:
    We got (our order) today, and as always, "THEY ARE AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!" YOU GUYS ARE THE GREATEST FOR FAST SHIPPING, GREAT, CLEAN FEEDERS AND GREAT PRICES. Thanks for everything. We will be a long time customer. Thanks for everything.
    Jodi more recently wrote: We received (our order) today and, as always, they are still totally froze(n) and look GREAT!!!! We had bought a few from a reptile store here in town when we ran short and they get theirs from [another supplier]. I have to be honest, [the other supplier's] are not near the quality as you produce. They were froze in weird shapes and have a smell about them and are not as clean as yours. We are more than pleased with every order we have ever received from you and the shipping time is GREAT. Thanks for everything and I am so glad we have you for our feed for all of our snakes.
    Veronica Sterling:
    I am so glad I went with you after all the shopping online I did looking for feeders. The quest had begun when the pet stores here were constantly out of frozen food for my now 9 month old red tail boa, Coatl, or the food they did have was just disgusting. I even had a clerk look at me one day when I complained about how dirty a mouse was, and say,"It is a snake..." I looked at many sites online and yours was the only one that showed the mice you would send, sizes and all...
    On the phone, you were so pleasant and helpful, even when I called back to double check on my order. The order was here right when you said it would be, in perfect condition, as where the mice. They were frozen solid, clean, all the tails and feet attached, absolutely wonderful.
    My other concern was that Coatl wouldn't take them, he is extremely fussy, not even taking food that I touch. So far I have had no problem with your food, I am assuming due to the lack of handling between you guys to me... He has snatched up the 2 so far that I have fed him, and that is just amazing. I will save so much money between the price of feeders and not throwing them away, you can be sure that until he outgrows your food, I will order from you! Thank you sooo much!
    Bob Campbell:
    Just a note to say that my most recent order arrived exactly at the time promised, and everything was in perfect condition. You can use my name in your advertising as a reference for consistently high quality merchandise and reliable speedy delivery any time!
    Rob Lewis:
    Just wanted to let you know the shipment arrived yesterday and it was perfect, as usual. I also wanted to let you know what a joy it is to do business with The Mouse Factory. You are a pleasure to speak with when ordering and everything is always well packed, perfectly represented and frozen solid when it arrives. Over the years I have tried many different rodent suppliers and none have matched the quality and service that you offer. I have been doing business with you for several years now and this note is long overdue. I look forward to continuing to do business with you in the future. Thanks again.
    Dan Nihiser:
    My order of 50 medium rats arrived today as promised and as always, frozen solid and in perfect condition. Thank you for your prompt attentive customer service. I will certainly recommend your company to my friends.
    Gary Light:
    I am a repeat customer of The Mouse Factory, and I have to say they have the best products the best rates and the fastest shipping of anyone I have ever dealt with.As long as I am involved in herpetology I will definitely be ordering from The Mouse Factory. Thanks guys you are the best.
    Donna Darnell:
    I just received the mice I ordered. They were exactly as other customers had described them - very clean looking and well packaged - and a lot less expensive than the "pet store" variety. Levi, my daughter's California King snake will be thrilled!
    Sean Robbins:
    I came home from work to find my order, right on schedule. There was an issue with my order at first, but Edna called my and worked everything out quickly. She was extremely friendly and professional.
    The rats look great! Aside from being frozen, they look clean and healthy. I couldn't wait. I immediately thawed one out. I was afraid my yearling boa wouldn't eat frozen because she had always been a live feeder. My fear was completely unfounded. She pounced right on it and swallowed it down.
    I am very, very pleased with both the product and, especially the service from The Mouse Factory and will definetly be a long time customer! Thanks Edna!
    Donna - Eclipse Exotics:
    I just wanted to offer my support for the great job you guys are doing in providing clean, healthy feeder rodents. I've ordered from several other companies before, and was displeased with the lack of vaccuum packing, and the animals that were often urine-stained, packed in the bags with feces, and sometimes had broken limbs. In particular, pink mouse orders often contained dark colored animals that didn't look healthy, which is what prompted me to try your company.
    The order of pink mice I got from you were immaculate - they were sealed perfectly, protecting them from freezer burn until I needed them, which is very important with my smaller collection. They were all a healthy pink color with no signs of dark blue or bruising. They all had their toes and tails intact - virtually a miracle for frozen pinks. The animals loved them, and I had fewer refusals from my baby house snakes (see photo), than I had with any previous feeding, the first time I offered them. I'm so impressed I'll be using you for all of my future rodent orders, for rodents of all sizes. The vastly superior quality more than makes up for the very slightly higher price (which isn't significant at all when all those previous rejected feedings are taken into consideration). I'll clearly be saving money and throwing away a lot fewer uneaten rodents using your feeders.
    David Klecker:
    I want to commend you on your great service and fast delivery. Over the past year and a half, I have placed several orders with your company. The advice and expertise you have provided allowed me to make informed choices when purchasing rodents for my Honduran tangerine milksnake 'Tobasco.' Tobasco is a great eater, so I am assuming your mice taste pretty good. He has grown into a strong and healthy adult, mainly due to his diet of mice purchased from your company. I rescued a juvenile Southern Black Racer on Easter Sunday (a cat was trying to 'play' with him) so I will be ordering more pinkies to get him big-and-strong. That cat better watch out! I also appreciate the humane way you euthanize your mice and rats. It's important to remember that these creatures have feelings too. Thanks for everything.
    Suzanne Anderson:
    I got my order yesterday, and I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how pleased I am. I have used several different rodent suppliers, and your product is hands down the best I've gotten. These rats are so clean, you must have groomed them before shipping! I appreciate the great service and fast shipping, and will definitely be calling you again.
    A Happy customer
    Deb (aka Goddess):
    Got mice? Oh, I know you do...and they are gorgeous! How do you possibly raise such CLEAN rodents!? Not a scrap of litter, pooh or yellow stains! It's a huge dfference to what I (and the girls) had to tolerate while waiting for the 'ultimate' order...WELL WORTH THE WAIT!!
    (Known as the goddess because of my biz - The Grooming Goddess: dog grooming - yet all my personal pets have no grooming required!)
    ps. I really want to know how you house these blessed wee creatures to keep them so clean; and what method of euthinasia do you use??
    THANK YOU!!!
    (my man and I are playing 'creepy scientist' w/the dry ice as I type this!)
    Tom Baker:
    Several years ago I placed an order that was to be delivered to an address in Arizona. When nothing arrived, I called you to check on it. You informed me that by mistake, the shipment went to my prior address. I located the box and yes, some of the mice had thawed out.
    Without hesitation, you told me you would replace all the thawed mice even if that meant the entire package - which was a lot of mice! It was only a third to half that needed replacing. The replacement mice arrived within a day or two!
    That is the kind of customer service that makes me say, "I wouldn't even think of shopping anywhere else." The quality of your mice is so good they lasted way past the expected freezer life. From my perspective, Edna and Ray, you are at the top of your industry, you both really are first class!
    Thank you once again. I'll be calling you to update my address and place another order soon.
    Megan Baehr:
    My mice arrived today and I just can't believe how
    gorgeous they are. I've been feeding my corn snake
    f/t mice from a pet store until now and their mice are
    not as fat and healthy looking as yours. I will never
    go back! Marzipan (my snake) and I thank you.
    Also, thanks for your wonderful customer service.
    Naomi Talamantez:
    I used to buy my mice at the local pet store but due to recent shortages and refrigerator breakdowns I was forced to find an online supplier. I am so happy to have found The Mouse Factory. The prices cannot be beat and the product is outstanding.
    My two baby corn snakes were very lazy eaters but now they snatch up the pinkies and actually look for more! My tegu would thrash the mice for a good long while before he would finally eat it creating a bit of a mess. However with the adult mice that I purchased from The Mouse Factory he quickly gobbles them down. No more thrashing and thankfully no more mess.
    Thanks again Mouse Factory, you’ve got a customer for life whose a fellow Texan too.
    Lisa Heinemann:
    I just recieved my order today, and my snake gobbled up a pinkin in less than three minutes! This is his first feeding, here, and I am so relieved he ate for me so readily. this is my first snake, and the first company i have ordered mice from. I plan to remain a costumer. Thanks for a great product, and service!
    Jeramy Hoffman:
    I recieved the pinkies before I even got a chance to check my email for the tracking ;-)...I love how fast my snakes have switched from live mice to your beautifully healthy frozen mice. Thanks a bunch!
    Dave Harms:
    My $00.02: I have used TMF for a few years. After joining a cornsnake message board I learned of another company [that sells mice], so I checked them out...[t]hey are for sure cheaper, [m]ostly because they don't over-night the mice. ...[y]ou have to wait up to a week for them [to arrive], depending on when you order, ut I gave them a shot. First off, not vacuum sealed; [s]econd, lots of mouse poops, scrawny mice that look not well fed (or cared for) and broken off legs and tails (no big deal, but gross); [t]hird, HUGE size variation.
    I'll be going back to TMF when these are gone. I am willing to pay a bit more for quality. Their mice are clean, ALL THE SAME SIZE, and vacuum sealed. Plus they next day ship. I have called in the morning (Up to early afternoon, in fact.) and had my mice the very next day.
    Karen Kneubehl:
    I just wanted to put my two cents in! I absolutely love the service and product.
    When I first got my snakes, I was very apprehensive about the feeding (yuk)! I must say yours was the first and last company I have used. Your mice are not disgusting at all!!! They are clean, very healthy looking, and well packed. In fact, if my snakes decide that they are not hungry, instead of wasting the mice who gave their life for my pets, I feel very comfortable letting my cats enjoy throwing them around and eating them.
    I am a fairly new "snake person" but I am positively sure that my snakes remain healthy because of your mice. I took my first snake (Ball Python) in after it was sickly, dehydrated, and possibly starving (and that's not easy). Well, my Rif Raf fattened right up and is very happy and healthy.
    Also I am pleased that everytime I call to place an order, I get a helpful and very nice person to take my order. Quick and painless ordering, that's great! Then there was the time when I had placed a big order for myself and the hurricanes hit and I lost all of the mice. You gave me a nice discount on the next order which I did not expect but very much appreciated.
    Thanks again for all that you do.
    Tom Dyer - Aviculture - Audubon Aquarium of the Americas:
    I have tried to buy in Louisiana, particularly since Katrina, but I have not been pleased at all. No names or anything - just not great service. But your company has been outstanding. The pinkies that I ordered arrived today, and it looked like they had been packed 10 minutes ago. Frozen solid - perfect. I look forward to buying from you from now on. Thanks for everything.
    Dan Elfenson:
    I have been keeping and breading reptiles for most of my life (over 40 years). A little over 5 years ago I started buying from The service, price and quality have been beyond expectation. I have searched the Internet to find a better deal, but no one comes close to your quality or service. Once about 5 years ago my computer crashed and I could not remember the name of so I bought from a similar named company. First they took 4 days to answer my email. I then had to wait over a week for them to be shipped. When finally I got the rodents they looked starved and were poorly packed.
    Most of the time I run out before I order because I know they will be here in a day or 2. I will only buy from, because you are the best.
    Catherine Molina:
    Edna, I received my order of 50 weanlings yesterday at work, and when I got home and opened the package I was pleasantly surprised at the beauty of the mice. I have read comments from other supporters on some corn snake forums, and they did mention how clean the mice looked, but my package of mice were so clean they almost looked bathed!
    Needless to say, my lady snake loved the switch (and my twelve year old son liked the dry ice too!)
    Jill Peters - Yin Yang Cornsnakes:
    Edna and all the staff at The Mouse Factory:
    I just wanted to let you know I got my order right on time this a.m., and as usual it was securely packaged, the mice are pristine and clean! Last order I ordered from another dealer and the mice were cut in half, covered in feces and urine, and it took them a week to ship out my order.
    I want to thank you all for doing such a great job growing, feeding and packaging these mice!! I know my snakes will be very glad to have these over the other ones which I threw the rest out this a.m., they were just so nasty! I will continue to order from your company, and I and my snakes thank you for a well priced, high quality product with fast shipping!!
    Two thumbs up for you all!!
    Christopher C. Conley:
    Dear Edna and everyone at The Mouse Factory,
    Again I wanted to say thank you for such a great experience in purchasing your product. I fed my Ball pythons tonight with your rats, and WOW! My male has previously been a lazy feeder; dragging his food into his hide after I would have to just lay it in his tub. Not anymore!
    I also wanted to share a thread that I started at my usual haunt, Repticzone. You all get very good reviews on there, and I had to add to that. Here is what I posted...feel free to use any portion of it in your testimonials on your site:
    Well it has been a great day at the old homestead today. After finally getting through to Edna at The Mouse Factory Monday (the phone lines in their town had been cut by construction) I placed a bulk order. It came this morning, promptly at 10:45 AM. The rats looked great. Very clean, almost to the point that they looked groomed! They had inadvertently shorted me a bag of 25 rat fuzzies. I called Edna and she took care of it right away. No questions asked, no problems at all. She even let me change that bag from fuzzies to pinkies for my corn. I highly recommend them to anyone for whatever you feed your Ball pythons. I had fun playing with the dry ice outside as well....hehe!
    Last night was feeding night, but we waited for tonight and the new rats. WOW! The misses’ Cleopatra has always been a good feeder, but she hit this thing like a freight train! She’s working the weanlings now.
    Well I don’t know if any of you remember me asking about lazy feede rs, but my Ramses has become somewhat lackluster when it came to feeding time. That has changed. He poked his head out of his hide almost as soon as I hit the rats with the blow dryer. When I lowered the rat pup into his tub, he sniffed at it for a second or two....BAM!!!!! He too struck like a bolt of lightning! And I started not to use the tongs to feed him....Hahaha...right! Good thing I second guessed myself on that one!!!
    I don’t remember which of you kind folks on here directed me to their site, but thank you very much. Did I say that I highly recommend them?
    Thanks again and keep up the great work. I'll send you all the business I can.
    Kathy McCullough:
    Just received my order today - I ordered yesterday with 2nd day air, but it arrived today. Thank you!
    Also wanted to let you know how much I (and my snakes) appreciate the quality of the feeders you sell. I just discarded a package of rats that I bought from a local dealer here in Michigan. The animals had a bad odor, and some were covered with urine, feces, and bedding material. Yours are clean, and appear to have been well-fed and taken care of. Even though these animals are bred to be fed to reptiles, I believe that they deserve humane treatment, clean housing, and proper nutrition, regardless of their fate.
    Thanks again for great service, and a quality product!
    Rich Hayter:
    I just got home after a long day and found my package on the porch. I was afraid they would be unthawed but there was still dry ice in the superbly wrapped up and insulated package. These mice are beauties! It looks like you had them individually bathed and groomed for the trip! They make the live ones I keep and try to breed look pretty sickly by comparison! I wish I had access to some of your breeding stock, they are obviously superior to anything I've found out here. Thanks again for great service, your reputation is well deserved!!!
    Lorrie Donovan:
    I have ordered mice from many different folks online to get a feel for their services and products. Your company, by far is way above the competition and you have a customer for life! I was very impressed by your quick turnaround, easy communication, great prices and fast (completely frozen) delivery. Your product speaks for itself. Each mouse was frozen separately, not in a block, and plump when unthawed. I genuinely believe my snakes are healthier and more robust for consuming your product. THANKS TONS for being the kind of company that puts the customer first.
    Christopher Baubel:
    I've been feeding all my snakes, including my Arizona Mt. Kings mice from the Mouse Factory for fifteen years. An excellent product at an excellent price...
    Tara Buckland:
    I just wanted to let you know I received my order today (even earlier than anticipated) and that I am extremely pleased with the quality of the mice. I love how they are packaged and I can easily pull out just one at a time. They arrived well frozen and are clean and healthy-looking. I am so impressed I am going to seriously re-think my plan to raise my own mice. Thanks very much!
    Shannon Cassuto:
    I just wanted to let you know that my order arrived this morning. As usual, the mice look great, the service was outstanding and the packaging was excellent. My snakes will be very happy especially my female Irian Jaya carpet python who has a nice stock of jumbo mice. Thanks so much for making the shipping suggestion which saved me money on my order. I look forward to doing business with you this time next year when I order up for the new year.
    Tim Gebhard - Owner, Vivid Reptiles
    The failure or success of any business is highly dependent upon the competency of its suppliers and service providers. In the reptile trade this is even more true. The Mouse Factory has provided unwavering excellence of service to Vivid Reptiles over the years - we consider the Mouse Factory to be one of the stronger pillars of our operation.
    Silvia Alvarez:
    I just wanted to thank you for the quality of pinkies, hoppers, grown mice in our orders. I dont want to sound morbid, but they are plump and not bones with fur as I have seen from another place. Our scarlet king is a picky eater but he loves those pinkies.
    Arlene White:
    Sis and I just want to let you know how great our snakes are doing on the rodents we order from you.
    Ages range from 1 to 5 years old and they have been raised strictly on your rodents since they were hatchlings. No additional supplements have been used. The rodents are eagerly accepted by our Albino Banded King Snake hatchling (Stitch), 5 year old Snow Corn Snake (Rudy), 2 year old Christmas Corn Snake (Chris), 3 year old Kenyan Sand Boa (Tremor), 2 year old Ball Python (Joseph) and our 3 year old Columbian Boa (Ashley). They have all have great appetites, no shedding problems, and no health problems. I highly recommend your products. We will continue to order as long as we have our pets. If my 16 year old male Columbian Boa (Max) hadn't gotten stuck on hamsters he would be fed your rodents.
    Thanks from 2 very satisfied customers.
    Dean Arnold:
    Great service, great product...even great packaging. Heck, if supermarket packaging and hygiene looked this good, I'd feel a whole lot better. I will definitely be a repeat customer.
    Auston Horst:
    I just wanted to say thanks to you guys at The Mouse Factory. I was using another online feeder supply but after the great experience I have had from you and the quality of your feeders I will continue with you guys. The vacuum sealed bags that are packaged with less feeders to a bag and how clean your feeders were really impressed me. Your shipping rates are also very good because I only have to pay to ship what I order. All of my kids ( 8 carpet pythons and then some) really enjoyed your feeders too.
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