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    openx-2.8.5 FOR ADVARTISMENT



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    openx-2.8.5 FOR ADVARTISMENT

    مُساهمة من طرف GODOF

    OpenX 2.8.5

    openx-2.8.5 <br />FOR ADVARTISMENT

    is the world's leading independent ad server. It provides you with the
    simple tools you need to make money from advertising, whether from
    direct ad sales, OpenX Market, or third party ad networks (like
    AdSense). Choose the version that's right for you:

    * OpenX
    Community Hosted: For users who want to quickly start serving ads and
    leave the hosting to us

    * OpenX Community Download: For users who
    want to host their own ad server

    OpenX Community
    or Get OpenX
    Community Download

    Products Ad server image
    Easily manage
    your ad inventory.
    OpenX Community lets you organize and manage all
    of your ad inventory under one easy-to-use interface no matter how many
    websites you have. It works with all kinds of ad formats, ranging from
    banners to rich media to ad network ads (such as AdSense). And it’s
    designed to deliver your ads as fast as possible, regardless of the
    number of ads on each page.
    Deliver what you want to whom you want.
    OpenX Community, you can manage and target your ads any way you want.
    You can prioritize ads relative to one another, limit how often certain
    ads are shown, and target the most relevant ads to specific segments of
    your audience. There’s no limit to the flexibility you have over the
    delivery of your ads.

    Products Ad server image

    Products Ad
    server image
    Measure the performance of your ads.
    OpenX Community
    comes with an extensive set of reports to provide comprehensive
    statistics on your websites and ad zones as well as your advertisers and
    ad campaigns. Get detailed breakdowns on ad delivery, conversions,
    revenue and more.
    Define your ad serving roadmap.
    OpenX Community
    comes with many built-in features that provide you with ultimate control
    and flexibility over all facets of your ad serving needs. If you need
    even more advanced features, our unique plug-in framework allows you to
    build virtually anything on top of the core product, including extended
    functionality around advertisers, ad types, third party data and more.



    New mirror with fast download:- recourse

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