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    Headway v1.6.6 - Premium WordPress Theme



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    Headway v1.6.6 - Premium WordPress Theme

    مُساهمة من طرف GODOF

    Headway v1.6.6 - Premium WordPress Theme
    Headway is
    perfect for both developers/designers and the average do-it-yourself-er.
    Easily rearrange a layout or change a setting in a jiffy. With Headway
    you can stop worrying about the monotonous tasks or the technical stuff,
    and just get down to creating great content for your blog. Headway
    makes designing your blog the easiest thing about blogging.

    Bug Fixes
    * Headway will now
    work properly when the WordPress system files are installed in a
    * Occasionally the read more links on non-featured
    posts (where the excerpt is shown) would link to the latest post instead
    of the actual post. This has been addressed.
    * Blockquotes styling
    via Design Editor fixed.
    * IIS/Windows MySQL compatibility.


    Added option to Headway SEO settings to disable the SEO slug feature
    from removing numbers.
    * You can now exclude certain posts and
    categories from the WordPress feed. Categories can be excluded in the
    Headway Configuration panel and posts can be excluded using the post
    * Caching can be disabled in the General tab in the Headway
    * Headway module in WordPress admin has been moved
    above Appearance.
    * The featured leaf now uses the WordPress 2.9 post
    thumbnail functionality rather than custom fields.
    * A bigger
    version number


    Download cf6emb1am


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