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    Angel - The Complete Season Two



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    Angel - The Complete Season Two

    مُساهمة من طرف GODOF

    It is with this second series that Angel, the darker Los Angeles mean-streets spin-off from Buffy,
    comes entirely into its own. Angel, the vampire with a soul and rather
    too much hair gel, is driven partly by his need for atonement and
    partly by his anger at the manipulations of the satanic law firm
    Wolfram and Hart, especially the morally equivocal Lindsey (Christian
    Kane). At the end of the previous season, they set his emotional
    destruction in motion by bringing back from hell Darla, the vampire who
    turned him, whom he loved for centuries and then killed to save Buffy.
    Julie Benz's soft-voiced passion--"God doesn't want you, but I still
    do"--makes her a perfect tragic foil for David Boreanaz's "billowy coat
    King of Pain" hero and mid-season offers further cause for Angel's
    despairing rage at his failure to save Darla from being turned vampire
    again. There is a nice balance of comedy,
    horror and the starkly tragic here--fake swamis, accursed shrouds,
    sexually abused telekinetic assassins all come into the mix along with
    Angel's gang of sidekicks--pedantic Wesley, abrasive Gunn, flighty
    clairvoyant Cordelia--and a new and wonderfully improbable character
    who starts as a running joke and becomes so much more--the Host (Andy
    Hallett), a green demon with red horns, eyes and hair, who sees into
    the souls of those who sing karaoke at his bar. And in a four-part
    finale, the group's friendship with the green karaoke demon Lorne sends
    them off to his home dimension to rescue Cordelia, right wrongs and
    acquire an important new character. ang201.part1.rar ang201.part2.rar ang201.part3.rar ang201.part4.rar ang202.part1.rar ang202.part2.rar ang202.part3.rar ang202.part4.rar ang203.part1.rar ang203.part2.rar ang203.part3.rar ang203.part4.rar ang204.part1.rar ang204.part2.rar ang204.part3.rar ang204.part4.rar ang205.part1.rar ang205.part2.rar ang205.part3.rar ang205.part4.rar ang206.part1.rar ang206.part2.rar ang206.part3.rar ang206.part4.rar ang207.part1.rar ang207.part2.rar ang207.part3.rar ang207.part4.rar ang208.part1.rar ang208.part2.rar ang208.part3.rar ang208.part4.rar ang.209-mdx.part1.rar ang.209-mdx.part2.rar ang.209-mdx.part3.rar ang.209-mdx.part4.rar ang.210-mdx.part1.rar ang.210-mdx.part2.rar ang.210-mdx.part3.rar ang.210-mdx.part4.rar ang.211-mdx.part1.rar ang.211-mdx.part2.rar ang.211-mdx.part3.rar ang.211-mdx.part4.rar ang.212-mdx.part1.rar ang.212-mdx.part2.rar ang.212-mdx.part3.rar ang.212-mdx.part4.rar ang.213-mdx.part1.rar ang.213-mdx.part2.rar ang.213-mdx.part3.rar ang.213-mdx.part4.rar ang.214-mdx.part1.rar ang.214-mdx.part2.rar ang.214-mdx.part3.rar ang.214-mdx.part4.rar ang.215-mdx.part1.rar ang.215-mdx.part2.rar ang.215-mdx.part3.rar ang.215-mdx.part4.rar ang.216-mdx.part1.rar ang.216-mdx.part2.rar ang.216-mdx.part3.rar ang.216-mdx.part4.rar ang.217-mdx.part1.rar ang.217-mdx.part2.rar ang.217-mdx.part3.rar ang.217-mdx.part4.rar ang.218-mdx.part1.rar ang.218-mdx.part2.rar ang.218-mdx.part3.rar ang.218-mdx.part4.rar ang.219-mdx.part1.rar ang.219-mdx.part2.rar ang.219-mdx.part3.rar ang.219-mdx.part4.rar ang.220-mdx.part1.rar ang.220-mdx.part2.rar ang.220-mdx.part3.rar ang.220-mdx.part4.rar ang.221-mdx.part1.rar ang.221-mdx.part2.rar ang.221-mdx.part3.rar ang.221-mdx.part4.rar ang.222-mdx.part1.rar ang.222-mdx.part2.rar ang.222-mdx.part3.rar ang.222-mdx.part4.rar
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